…as nothing really happened, i just upload some food photos (^__-)

in case you were worried about the typhoon: as it turned its way, it was only a bit windy yesterday and a bit more windy at night with some rain. at the moment it looks like a day in fall (cloudy, windy, a bit rainy) but with higher temperatures (^_-) i just hope kyoto and osaka will be ok (-_-;)

the size of my class doubled on tuesday and i have one new classmate from germany and one from france. as the french guy also booked the intensive course, we have now a double lesson in the afternoon together.

there are only two weeks left for language course, the time is passing by pretty quickly and yet it feels much longer than four weeks.

on wednesday i went with my friend yuko to a cake shop called henry & cowell where they have the cutest cakes and pancakes with kakigori on top (read more here: http://fukuoka-now.com/2014/07/kakigori/). the shop itself is also decorated with lots of cute stuff and the staff is very nice (*^__^*)

the next day i went to houraku manju, which is actually a manju shop, but they sell also very very good kakigori. i had their number one selling flavor: cobalt (see the blue thing on the photo). it had a taste of honey and milk (^_^) the shop is very simple but for just 300 yen you really get a great kakigori!

as i didn’t know what to do saturday and wasn’t sure, if the typhoon might come or not, i just had a walk to the post office and the local shopping street. there i got a pink bunny rabbit donut (^__^)

maybe i go to the temple near dazaifu again today and see if i can meet the monk. …and have a cake at the cute cafe again (#^__^#)




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